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Power On Audio Club

"His leading edge methods are extremely successful and are changing lives worldwide.”

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Power On Audio Club Website Header

Updated the header image for the Power On Audio Club website.

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Power On Academy Website Header

Website section supporting graphic

Updated the “what you get” section of the website.

Audio Pack

The front, back, and sides of the box were created in Photoshop then mapped onto the 3D box in Adobe Dimensions and brought back into Photoshop for the final text and design.

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Danielle Moschella

Change is never easy, but the great thing about when you come to the end of a chapter, a new one begins.

- Danielle Moschella

Business Cards


This site is using the WordPress platform and Elementor along with a variety of plugins. I also wrote custom CSS and HTML to fully customize the look of the site.


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Fusion Projects


Digital Forensics

"Complicated cases require compelling digital evidence"​

- Digital Forensics

Brand Awareness posters

Digital Forensics asked for posters and banners that would stand out against the crowd while still communicating their business model.


I designed a proposal brochure for Digital Forensics Corp. The page layout is designed so that the facing pages connect and interact with each other through blocks of colour and photos, but also work alone as single pages when viewed in PDF format.